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Dinner Cruise Experience in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Venue Info

00:00 - 00:00

Min 1 pax | Maks 15 pax

2 hours

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Experience the exquisite evening dining while cruising along Chao Phraya River Admire the posterperfect reflections on the river See the beauty of Bangkok on the Boat cruising at the night time

Experience an exquisite evening. Dine while cruising! See the beauty of Bangkok from the water. Join either Chao Phraya Princess Cruise or Chao Phraya Cruise and spend a refreshing and lovely evening on the water. View Bangkok’s historical landmarks while cruising and enjoying your buffet dinner of a mixture of Thai authentic cuisine and international dishes. Admire the poster-perfect reflections of the towering skyscrapers and the intricately curved pagoda awnings and old traditional Thai houses on the water. Soak on the history imprinted on the two sides of the river while cruising. This evening adventure will surely make you love Bangkok more.

Chao Phraya Princess itinerary:
18:00 to 19:00 - Check-in time
19:30 - Boarding time
19:40 to 21:45 - Dinner Cruise
21:45 - End of activity

Chao Phraya Cruise itinerary:
18:30 to 18:45 - Check-in time
18:50 - Boarding time
19:00 to 21:00 Dinner Cruise
21:00 - End of activity

Chao Phraya Princess Notes:
- The rates for Chao Phraya Princess is not applicable for Thai citizens.
- Welcome drink is included.
- Check-in counter at Chao Phraya Princess is around the top supermarket.
- The final check-in time at Chao Phraya Princess will only be until 19:00. Any latecomers will not be allowed to embark on the boat.

Chao Phraya Cruise Notes:
- The seating plan is subject to availability (Please request upon confirmation.
- The rates for Chao Phraya Cruise is applicable to Thai citizens.
- The final check-in time at Chao Phraya Cruise will only be until 18:45. Any latecomers will not be allowed to embark on the boat.

What to wear for Women:
- Elegant casual
- Skirts or slacks paired with blouses or sweaters
- Pantsuits or dresses are acceptable

What to wear for Men:
- Slacks and collared shirts
- Sports jacket are optional

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